The CANDI Study

Can use of Calcium Antagonist + Nitrate + Diclofenac as early Intervention reduce morbidity and mortality in acute gallstone pancreatitis? The CANDI study was the winning project presentation at the Dragon's Den session at the NoSTRA launch meeting and will be adopted by NoSTRA. 

Gallstone pancreatitis represents the most common cause in the UK. In gallstone pancreatitis severity of attack may be exacerbated by stone in the common channel.

Use of calcium channel antagonists, nitrates, and diclofenac have been shown to have a relaxing effect on the sphincter of Oddi. This trial is being set out to examine whether early use of these medications allow easier passage of these stones and reduce severity of attacks.

The aim of CANDI is to assess impact of very early use of CANDI therapy (10mg oral nifedipine, sublingual GTN 400micrograms, and 100mg PR diclofenac) in reducing severity of acute gallstone pancreatitis.